Cluckers' Corral

By Momluvz3kidz · Apr 29, 2013 · Updated Apr 29, 2013 ·
  1. Momluvz3kidz
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    We bought the "Chicken Coops for Dummies" and picked our "The Minimalist Coop" in Ch. 12.
    We went to Lowe's bought the supplies and the hubs and I built it over the weekend. We used T-post
    and goat fencing with poultry wire secured around that. And a gate for the corral. It is next to house, for electric purposed to keep the coop
    heated by lamp on cold nights. This is a temporary coop, and spot for now, until we get our electricity
    turned on in the barn and build a new BIG Coop and Corral. I love my 8 Buff Orpington/Americauna hens and roo's,
    2 black splash cochin bantams (not sure if they are hens or roo's yet), & 1 english game rooster bantam.




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    "Temporary coop."
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  2. Nardo
    "Temporary enclosure and coop"
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    It would be good to see how you built this coop and also to see your upgrade to the barn. Only see a couple hens in the pics but 8 are mentioned. 8 seems like a lot for this coop.


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