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By Tool · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Tool
    Since I have found BYC SOOOO helpful with my coop build and EVERYTHING chicken. I decided I would share my coop build with everyone here and anyone looking to start in chicken keeping.
    Material list (so far)-
    1.5 2x6x16 (free from our old farm fence)
    8 2x4x8 $16
    10 2x6x8 (culled wood for $15) ripped in half for 3x3 wall studs.
    7 sheets OSB plywood $40
    1 box stip nails (pnuematic nailer) $32
    1 box coated nails $3 and 16 hurricane straps for the roof $4
    3 10' Drip edge $9. Shingles and felt paper free from extra stored in garage.
    Random hardware (door hinges, latches, screws etc) $15.
    Vinyl floor and glue $37.
    And about 12 3ft lengths of random scrap wood for the nesting boxes.
    15 5ft lengths of scrap pine flooring (ripped down to various sizes for roost, door frames etc)
    As of 6/8/11 totals $171. Keeping it as cheap as I can. Sure beats the "off the shelf" tiny $500-$1000 stuff out there.

    arrow-down.gif I started with a 4x8 platform 18" from the ground, to give the chickens a shady place and to keep the rodents from making a home under there.
    arrow-down.gif Got the walls mocked up and built framework for the nesting boxes. The front walls stand 4 feet above the platform, and the rear is 3 feet. Giving a 1 in 4 slope for water run off. I will overhang the roof 6 in on all sides to keep most of the weather off the walls.
    arrow-down.gif 6 nesting boxes. I am sure that they all won't get used, but there is never enough room.. I decided on external boxes so there is more floor space and more room for the birds. Hoping to avoid pecking issues with our cold winters. Plus adding doors on the outside to make egg collecting much easier.
    arrow-down.gif Took the walls off and moved it all to the run. nailed up walls and started on the interior sheeting.
    arrow-down.gif Another angle. At the bottom of the wall I am going to add another door, for a large clean out tray from under the roost. I will staple wire under the roost to prevent the girls form getting under ther, but collecting the majority of the poop. Keeping the girls cleaner as well as the rest of the coop. Bonus also that I will not have to crawl into the coop every couple of days and clean the whole thing. I can clean most of it from the outside.
    arrow-down.gif Framing the roof. It will over hang enough to cover the nesting boxes. I am not a framer, so its not completly square.
    I just keep telling myself "Its a chicken coop, not a clock".
    arrow-down.gif Roof framing is complete. Also got all the plywood up on the inside. Starting to nail the plywood on the roof. Still need to cut out the window and cleanout door.
    arrow-down.gif The chainlink fence right behind the coop in this pic, was added to section 1/3 of the run off, making 2 gates between the dogs and the chickens. That way there should be no reason that they should ever mingle too close.
    arrow-down.gif Roof completed. Need to install eaves and flashing.
    arrow-down.gif Inside view before paint. Needs the doors too.
    arrow-down.gif Painted and flooring installed. Glued and stapled.
    arrow-down.gif Building 3 tier roost. There will be a clean out door underneith and wire stapled under so the chickens can't get into the poop.
    arrow-down.gif Roost completed. I hope they like it.
    arrow-down.gif The floor is installed in the nesting boxes too. Plus I added a perch in front of the upper boxes to ease access.
    arrow-down.gif Overall shot of the interior. NOTE: The camera on my phone distorted the pic. The floor is actually flat but appears like theres a big dip (low spot) on the left side. When I first saw the pic big, I was thrown back, but I have spent enough time inside this thing to know its FLAT.
    arrow-down.gif Just about ready to move in.
    arrow-down.gif Moving day went great. The girls took to the coop wonderfully. A shot of them exploring the interior.
    arrow-down.gif It took a few hours, but they figured out the ramp pretty good. This is a shot of a RIR who did not want to walk the rest of the way.
    arrow-down.gif Its been a couple of months, but I am finally getting around to finishing the exterior. I got the whole thing insulated today (9/11/11) and most of the exterior sheeting up. I still need to install a few pieces and a ton of trim.
    arrow-down.gif The front sheeting up. Cant wait to get it all painted and ready for winter.
    arrow-down.gif The nesting boxes work good. I hope the are big enough. The Delaware in the upper middle had trouble getting comfortable, but I think she'll wise up and hang her head out eventually. This was the first time I have seen more than one in any given box at the same time. Usually when there is one in a box, the others wait and squak.

    I am constantly updating so keep on eye out. Thanks for looking. Josh

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  1. KettermanHillCoop
    "Sturdy little coop"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 20, 2018
    Great that you included a material list! That's very helpful to others like me when looking for ideas. I'm also a visual learner and your pic by pic construction process was very easy to follow. It does seem like a lot of birds for that coop though. I'm also curious about the ladder perch if with that many birds do you have bickering at bedtime over the top rung? I'm intrigued by the hardware cloth under the perch. Do you find it hard to clean? I have hardware cloth floor in my broody jail...and cleaning poop off of it is brutal. It doesn't "fall" through the holes like I had envisioned.
  2. Cyprus
    "Nice little coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jun 29, 2018
    I like the number of windows/ventilation that you have in this coop. One thing I would consider is making it bigger if you are going to house more birds here.


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  1. Elemes
    Hey Tool, this looks like a great coop for what I'm trying to build - what is the total area? 4x6?
  2. Tool
    The walls are all built out of 2x6's I got from lowes off of the culled wood rack. Some were warped so they were really cheap. I ripped them in half on a table saw to make the wood go farther. The roof is the only framework built from "clean" bought wood. I made custom windows from plexi and ripped down 2x4's. with basic hinges and hook latches. I do need to build a new door for the side. But it still opens and closes, so Im in no rush. I have painted it the same color as the inside and added moldings to the corners to make it look a little better.
  3. Tool
    Sorry to all. I have obviously not been on here in a very long time. I have not been able to find my sketches that I had originally drawn up. It is a pretty simple design. 4x8 floor base. 2 ft off ground. 4 ft front slopes to 3 ft in back. Roof overhangs approx 6 in all around. Sides built to match slope. As far as the nesting boxes go... I had an idea I started with, but then when it came down to it, I basically designed it as I went to fit within the area I had to work with, then nailed and screwed the crap out of it to support the weight overhanging out the rear. It is getting to the point I need to probably re sheet the exterior or possibly put some siding on it. I plan to find some decent pallets and use them as siding to do it cheap and give it a rustic look. When I finally get around to it Ill update with some pics. And Ill try to be more "timely" about it.
  4. Momma 2 silkies
    I love this coop design. I have silkies and I think this will be the perfect size for my 10 little chicks. If you could post your plans and details to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. My chicks are only 3 weeks old and I think I would have plenty of time to build something like this before they are old enough to be kicked outside for good.
  5. tombobbie1
    I have started to build your coop design the base was easy. Now i am ready to build the nest box. Can you tell be what size lumber you used for the frame. i am not a carpenter and i am trying to figure out how you made your frame for the nest box.
  6. Krez
    Josh, We are in MA and absolutely love your 'inside out' design.My husband has been planning it out bit by bit, any updates that you may have upgraded that we should know about?
  7. MomToTheZoo
    Josh, We have been looking for the coop we want to build and we love yours. Are there any plans you can share or anything?

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