Coop Stack Up - how high stuff works well?

Thank you so much for this! Great article.
There is some great food for thought in here, thanks for sharing!
I love your coop. Now if I can talk my husband into building me a 3rd one, perhaps I can have that.
Great onfo
Great tips...we’re building as I type so this comes in handy!!!
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I have a walk in coop and everything is on the floor. Space in being wasted from knee high and up. This idea will double the space in my coop. Thanks!
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Some day when I get to build a new coop, this is going to be one of the first articles I'll use to help me with figuring out the layout. Very helpful!
thank you!!!!
Saved me a lot of time looking up the info contained in this one handy article. Answered all many questions I have as I get ready to build a coop. Thanks!
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Glad I saw this now. Building a coop this week. One item not addressed..... How far below ceiling should the roost be located?
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Thanks. All good info for my first coop...
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