Coop Stack Up - how high stuff works well?

I’d love to see a pic of the outside of this coop. Also wonder how you get those poop boards out to clean? Great tips. Thanks for sharing.
Looking for ideas on how to re-do our coop. Seems like a great way to maximize space!
A great article. Newbies learn a lot from explanations and photographs.
Thank you very much for sharing the experience and knowledge.
excellent advice here aart. thank you
Short but sweet, some good info in this article.
Thank you so much for this! Great article.
There is some great food for thought in here, thanks for sharing!
I love your coop. Now if I can talk my husband into building me a 3rd one, perhaps I can have that.
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Great onfo
Great tips...we’re building as I type so this comes in handy!!!
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I have a walk in coop and everything is on the floor. Space in being wasted from knee high and up. This idea will double the space in my coop. Thanks!
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Some day when I get to build a new coop, this is going to be one of the first articles I'll use to help me with figuring out the layout. Very helpful!
thank you!!!!
Saved me a lot of time looking up the info contained in this one handy article. Answered all many questions I have as I get ready to build a coop. Thanks!
Glad I saw this now. Building a coop this week. One item not addressed..... How far below ceiling should the roost be located?
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Thanks. All good info for my first coop...
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