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  1. sweetdanat


    This is a recent renovation of our previous coop. We expanded the run to triple its original size which allowed for more shade and happier hens! Then we removed the "box" portion where the girls slept and nested. We built the new hen house outside of the run and at my waist height for easier cleaning and access. Instead of using the space under the hen house for more covered run area, I asked my husband to enclose it and create a storage space. Loooove having a secure spot for feed, supplies, tools, etc right there where I need it.
    This is the before:
    Here are the girls checking out the new place:

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    "Nice Improvements"
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  1. sunflour
    I know your hens love the added space. Nice coop!
  2. lovepeeps
    Very nice. They look content

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