Cozy Coop in Cape

By ShamSham · May 18, 2013 · ·
  1. ShamSham
    The Cozy Coop in Cape

    We've always wanted to have out own hens so one evening we went out and did it. We picked up 7 chicks, 4 red ones and 3 white ones from Tractor Supply along with all the starter equipment. Our chicks lived in our downstairs bathroom in an old wooden toy box while the pressure was on to build their coop. Boy, they get big fast and soon we had to put a screen over the top of the box so they wouldn't fly out. And so the coop was started.

    The location is just on the outside of our yard and backing into the woods. I cut down a couple small trees and raked the area clean. The area was on bit of slope so instead of trying to level it I decided to plant concrete footers. I figured this would be perfect for keeping drainage maximized. I opted out of using pressure treated as we were trying to go as organic as possible. The footers worked to keep the wood off the ground.

    My main goal was to build a lovely chick coop for the girls at a reasonable cost. My budget was about $800.
    Here's the footers in place with 4x4 attached. The footprint is 7.5'x10'

    2x4 framing. I really liked the Triple C Coop here on Backyard Chickens and took their basic framing style. It's a great design as it's just so simple and clean. I like the full size run with elevated built-in coop design. I calked each screw hole and primed the whole thing.

    Paint, roof framing, and coop floor added.

    I got a 4x8 piece of lino for 9 bucks and decking screws cheap at Mardens!

    The roof. I thought maybe Suntuf would be a good option but went with the steal roof as it felt much more substantial. Use a circular saw with steal cutting blade to cut. The guys at the big box store said that tin snips would work. They were very, very wrong.

    Found this at our local dump a year ago. Thought of doing something artsy with it...

    T111 for all the walls. T111 is a painters nightmare as it sucks up paint like a sponge. I primed it first to seal it up and then on with the Sherwin Willams expensive but awesome paint. Two coats of it.

    And it's done!!! To secure the 4x4 to the ground we dug about a foot trench where those rocks are and buried the attached hardware cloth. The hardware cloth is secured to the 4x4 on the inside then pulled under and out and buried. The rocks were added to prevent dirt from splattering on the wood when it rains. I have a bit more landscaping to do before it's fully complete.

    I have a heat lamp on as it's still a bit chill a night. My next project will be to bury an electric line and install an outlet inside the coop.

    Hey girls! (we think one might be a rooster though) To the right is 2 nesting boxes made from the free wood pile at Rufus Deering Lumber Co. When the birds get bigger they have a roost in the roof rafter and another one to the left, poop try included.

    The trap door and walk way to the run.


    Clean out door #1.

    I made them a little temp roost until they are ready to use the higher ones.

    From the back. See how the dirt splatters on the wood. I'll be adding rocks to the base here soon.

    Clean out door #2.

    Easy access to the nesting boxes. Vents are above.

    I can't imagine not having that huge window in the coop. It so nice to walk by and see what they are up to. They run around a lot and are really interested in seeing what's going on outside.

    I had an absolute blast thinking about and making this coop. No plans were used, just some ideas from Backyard Chickens, a couple sketches and lots of thinking. I never considered birds as pets but over the past 6 weeks these guys have become part of our family. They are lovely little creatures each with an emerging personality. I think we are all looking forward to seeing our first egg.

    Thank you to Backyard Chickens for all the great info. I based my coop off the The Triple C and The Palace.

    That was fun :)

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  1. trumpeting_angel
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed May 15, 2019 at 8:03 PM
    I love this style coop. So airy! I can’t tell what cover is over the run, if any, from the pictures. The window is wonderful but I, too, wonder about keeping it clean. Still, great for the birds and great for the family. Your photos show the construction well, and the finished product looks great!

    We hope to build a Wichita Cabin Coop or garden coop ourselves next year, connected to the garage. Ours will be elongated for a larger run, which is less stylish, but more run space.
  2. SimplyLivinthatFarmLife
    "Cozy Coop in Cape"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 14, 2018
    Love the coop and the color. That window is pretty awesome-Is it hard to keep clean? Hope the girls are enjoying the coop.
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  1. brounii
    WOW!!!! I am very impressed! You did such a fantastic job. I'm honored to be a little part of your inspiration. I hope you enjoy your girls as much as we do and enjoy sitting back and looking at your creation while thinking, 'WOW, we did that!'
  2. ShamSham
    Thank you for the comments and suggestions. The overhang is 12"
  3. Weasleymum
    Lovely! How much of an overhang does that roof have?
  4. mrbillwej
  5. poodlechicks
    ShamSham: thanks for sharing this amazing coop with us. I was given a small coop, the one that comes in a box to be assembled. It's very cute but very flimsy. Although I am a complete ignorant in building and materials, your coop has inspired me to try building my own. I loved the design, especially the window. Best of luck with your chicks!
  6. M Rinier
    If you do another coop try a material called Duratemp. This is a Roseburg product and while it may look like T-111 it is much much better by far.
    You will notice that it paints very easily and suggested repainting is approx 5-7 years. The product itself carries a 30 year warranty.
  7. ShamSham
    Thank you for all the comments and suggestions. That door is spring loaded and will auto shut. I've placed a small hole in the 2x4 with some string for an emergency release. I got stuck inside last week, lucky for me the birds were happy to share some meal worms ;)
  8. chirpingcricket
  9. CinnamonQueen
    Awesome coop! Congratulations on POW!
  10. farmin4fun
    Great coop!! Might want to put some hardware cloth over the inside of the window to keep them from breaking the glass. My chickens have broken both of the windows I put in the coop by flying against them. Luckily I still have the screen in place to keep them in.
  11. ForTheKids
    Very cool!
  12. flockoffour
    Love the coop!
  13. ChickenRaiser95
    I might just have to build that
  14. Sunnysimplelife
    You should sell plans.
  15. RaZ
    Very nice! I second what JML said, add an escape latch to the gate, just in case.
  16. ftroop
    Nice coop, especially with no plans. I like that way of building. Great use of space with using all the base for a run, having the coop shelter part of the run and having enough space to walk in there. I like the rocks for stopping diggers. How did you attach the hardware cloth on the inside?
  17. GeorgeBenavides
    this is great! the window just makes it look cuter LOL . Great coop!
  18. JML72
    One suggestion. Have an emergency release for the gate closure you have on the door into the run. That door comes closed behind you a little too hard and you're locked in there until someone lets you out!
  19. ChickensAreSweet
    Wow your coop is gorgeous and I too love their window! They will enjoy all that light.
  20. judyki2004
  21. Sheila Ray
    Very nice!
  22. Amberleighe
    I love this! What are the measurements of this window? I do believe this is how I want my coop! (with a few personal touches) Thank you for sharing it with us!
  23. 17silkieathome
    Love it! Very creative and attractive. Isn't amazing how those little feathered friends work their way into our hearts?!
  24. MarcoPollo
    Very nice!
  25. annanimal
    Oh my gosh it is amazing, you want to build me one?! =P
  26. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your pics for the Chicken Coop - Picture of the Week. Thanks for posting your coop design & pictures to our "Chicken Coops" pages! You can find more info about the CC-POW here: CC-POW Process
  27. 6 littleHens
    I really love that window too!
  28. marxmail
    Very nicely done! The window is awesome!
  29. Stumpy
    Fantastic! I love the window!
  30. misgallinas6
    love your coop!!! and the big window!!! lovely really!! and lovely girls!!!! congrats!

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