We started out with a small chicken coop from Home Depot, after a 6 months the house seemed too small for our two chickens. We did some research and figured it would be best to just have our coop built, instead of purchasing another larger house for the girls. The guy we had built our coop didn't really have any initially plans on what it would look like, but we had a vision of what would look good and make a statement in our yard through our lengthy conversations and discussions. It took him about 5 weekends to finish the coop and run and well worth the wait! We moved the girls in to their new coop the very second the coop was finished. At first, the girls had a hard time getting used to their new place because we would find them on top of the old house waiting to get in at night. After 3 or 4 times of hand carrying them over to the new coop, they finally started to go on their own. They seem to be so happy in their new place, plus its dry, safe, and has lots of room for them to move around. Just recently, we have had the next door neighbor's chicken come over to visit our chicks, its really cute.

We really enjoy our chickens and wish we would have thought of building our coope from the very beginning.
Thank you,