We started by taking off carpet from 5 2x4 and plywood (slabs)

We placed them with 6' presure treated wood legs on the 4 corners

my son helping haul back the side with one of the legs ready to go

Drilling 2 holes on the upper part, on each side, covered by wire for ventilation.

we attached slats to the doorway short enough to get the door closed The 3 nesting boxes we got from a friend (free) fit great inside and we made an opening to access the boxes.

we need a roof next.

that comes soon (before the rain I hope) We just have a sheet of Particle board on top for now.

the waterer and feeder are atached with bike hooks below the nesting boxes.
Lots and lots of Elbow grease!

We moved it. hubby got 6 stitches on his hand because of the outside being full of old glue.

We moved it to the run area by a nice shady tree for the girls

we added sides like our house to match.

this is the back of the coop.with some siding

I painted the trim before the siding went up. I added white circles because they were getting covered,and I had the paint

my FIL cut the siding and nailed each one , like our house.

tada. the finished coop Under the eves are 2x6 with lg holes covered with wire for more ventalationThe small door is their door. it goes inside on top of the nesting boxes, the larger door is for cleaning pourposes, the nesting boxes are in the coop itself with a large access door that drops downward to collect the eggs.

They like to be up in the roof area to perch

my poop: board is used so the floor stays relatively free of poo. No windows so just in case I don't get to let them out until later in the morning. (The neighboors don't need to hear the girls whining to get out. I am still going to paint the "siding" grey like our house but the boards need to settle in place first.

Cost 25.00 for the recycled sides that had carpet.
28.00 for the 4 pressure treated legs
80.00 for the "siding"
5.00 for 2 2x6 we used for the under the eves for ventlation
40.00 for the hardware, nails, screws
8.00 for the 2 vent covers
12.00 for 1 qt of paint
16.00 for the 2x4's
28.00 for the particle board for the opposite roof sides
50.oo for the roof
10.00 hard wire cloth
total 302.00 give or take a little
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