First time carpenter and chicken keeper 4X6 Coop Best of BYC design

By Punx57 · Jul 27, 2014 · Updated Jul 28, 2014 · ·
  1. Punx57
    Coop is actually 4×8.

    I built this coop with very little experience and with zero chicken Knowledge prior to my research here at BYC. I think i read almost every blog on here and sorted through tons of info but I believe I have collected some of the best ideas as well as adding a few of my own
    First the run was made out of 8 5x5 welded wire metal dog kennel panels and a woden top a friend had made with the intentions of turning the kennel into a green house.
    The coop was built on 4x4 posts with a 4x8 base and 8 ft tall frame
    I used laminated tiles for the floor
    on the back wall under the nest boxes i made the bottom wall removable for easy clean out of the entire coopfile:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2014/07/27/20140727-210400/I%25i4eTtQRGe6cvq8ii64MA/IMG_5826.jpg
    couple of used windows from the local restore. I put these in backwards so they could be opened from the out side.file:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2014/07/27/20140727-210400/I2ZztS7wRB2hNY6NkjzdBg/IMG_5831.jpg
    A small door in the back next to the nest boxes is nice for giving them fresh food n water without having to go thru the run or coopfile:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2014/07/27/20140727-210400/yWlu9kRASNemWYLMR2UMOw/IMG_5833.jpg
    I used soffit vents to cover the vent holes but have since replaced with expanded metalfile:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2014/07/27/20140727-210400/RtDL0TxSQIqfET8tw4pJVw/IMG_5799.jpg
    I originally wanted to put in 4 individual nest boxes but opted to cover the 2 ends as to give a darker more private and spacious nesting area the original four are now split into 2 larger boxesfile:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Masters/2014/07/27/20140727-210400/IMG_5841.JPG
    roof vent wired for possible fan?

    The pop door is rigged to a pulley system that is operated from the back door. ill try to post better pics of thatfile:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2014/07/27/20140727-212212/VJM5s7HqTk+tpNM%25D49vmA/20140724_172208.jpg

    I designed the ramp to fold up and lock over the pop door so it cannot be pushed open from the outside.file:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2014/07/27/20140727-212212/lBT3PCijRKuWTUWXwv6pzw/20140724_172524.jpgfile:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Masters/2014/07/27/20140727-212212/20140727_143056.jpgfile:///Users/punx57/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2014/07/27/20140727-212212/pAmI7nlUQUWhSq%258yDxS2A/20140724_172607.jpg
    Ive got some chix in a brooder inside the coop as well as some older chix in the coop. you can also see the inside of the pop door here

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    Yeah you have to use the upload function. You can just edit and crop out the text.
  2. Punx57
    Thanks chamac I pasted I'll try uploading
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    The pictures do not show up. Did you click the upload picture button, or did you try to cut and paste them? They usually show when you upload via the sites navigation buttons.
  4. Punx57
    Can other people see the photos?
  5. Punx57
    so i noticed my photos don't show up how do i fix this?

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