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By MamaNini · Mar 21, 2012 ·
  1. MamaNini
    The idea was to build a chicken tractor that operated like a wheelbarrow...


    The coop would be off the ground far enough that the chickens could go under for protection from too much sun or rain. And the run would provide them with predator free space to do what chickens do.

    There are "screen doors" in the back to aid in ventilation during the hot summer months, but also close up during the chilly winter months.


    Here's a shot of the back:


    And the front:


    I looked for pictures of it once it was all painted and the wheels were on, but it seems that once I got the chickens, I stopped taking pictures of the coop! The chickens are much more photogenic anyway :)


    Since it was built to accommodate 6, and we only had 4, the natural solution was to get more chickens!! Then, we had to figure out how to integrate the new peeps with the older chickens...


    This worked great and we took it out once everyone was confident that they could live together happily ever after!

    Run 4 ft x 8 ft.

    Coop 3 ft x 4 ft

    What I like about this coop:
    -Easy access to inside of coop without stooping over.
    -Easy egg gathering from nesting boxes on the outside.

    What I would do differently:
    -The water was hard to get to when I hung it under the coop.
    -We ended up putting plywood on top of the run to provide more shade. The chickens preferred it that way.
    -Make it lighter. I have a hard time moving it because it is so heavy!
    -Put a lip at the door to keep bedding inside coop and not spilling out down the ramp.

    We took what we learned from this to build a second coop of different design (to be posted later!)

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    Good start but it'd be nice to have some more detail.


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