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  1. foulplay
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    I updated the photos of the folding roosts so that I can clean the coop more easily.I made Fowl Play over my Winter Holiday and then a few weekends after that it turned out very well I think. I first made the floor out of 2x6's that were salvaged from our old garage. I then put free ply wood on the floor since the coop is 8x16 it was easy to put the ply wood down, just four sheets and square up the floor it looks like this so far. Then I framed the shorter wall of the coop at four feet high it isn't attached the floor of the coop yet though (because it was on the wrong side).


    I then forgot to take another picture when the other wall was framed but i did after I attached the two walls to the floor and then started putting old barn boards onto the outside with the old painted side facing inside the coop. I thought it would look a lot nicer and it does look a lot nicer. Here is a picture of the coop with three walls and half the boards on. I have a bit of a mess around the coop so try not to look at it.

    I then framed in the end walls and it went extremely smoothly. In the picture above I have a two foot breeze way in the way. That wall is really 6 feet tall but only has boards going up to the four foot mark. The last wall I was thinking about because i had to clean the coop out somehow and the chickens had to walk out of the coop to so I just made one door for the two of us.


    As you can sort of see the wagon rack is out side the garage waiting for me to put it up on the rack. I finished putting boards around the entire coop and made a four foot door for me to clean the coop and for the chickens to leave to go outside. There will be a latch on the door to. This the outside of the coop on the other side and my man door so I can get in when I want to so I don't have to crawl through the chicken door.


    Just a very simple latch. Then with a little bit of magic I put the coop onto the wagon rack and pulled it outside of the garage. I did it now so I could put the roof on the coop.The coop is centered on the two logs that we cut down to length. I also built a chicken ramp for them too. I only have a finished photo after this no roof in the making.

    This is one of the finished pictures I thought I wanted to paint it and my dad told his friend that. They wanted to paint a giant chicken on it so I traded some eggs for this.


    there are three chickens on it and a wind mill in the back ground (because there is five behind our farm). I think everyone likes it a lot better and you can see the coop from the road. In the bottom corner of the coop it says FOWL PLAY which is the name of the coop. A close up of whats on the inside soon to come. I have folding roosts that attach to the ceiling for easy clean up.


    The roosts are able to swing up to the ceiling and are then out of my way so i can clean the coop.


    This is a pic with the roosts up I then use my scraper and scrape the entire coop clean and push it out the door on the other end of the coop. It is shut because of the glare as you can see coming through the little spaces in between the barn boards.

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    "Large Tractor"
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    I like the 2 foot breezeway. Good job on building this nice tractor coop.
  2. CCUK
    "Fantastic job"
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    Lovely coop. The mural is fantastic.
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    i love the chicken painting on the side! I also love the rustic feel and the fact that it was wheels.


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  1. miquwid
    I do think it's a great looking coop
  2. chestypuller
    your coop is the most awesome coop i ever did saw.
  3. foulplay
    I wouldn't call it a problem, more of a thing to fix that is bugging me. But yes they are pooping in the nest boxes. But the second one is the only one that is higher and I only find poop in the top row. And they prefer the metal nesting boxes FYI.
  4. colburg
    Do you have problems with them roosting and pooping in the nest boxes since they're higher than the roosts? Seeing your design gave me the idea of hitting up a neighbor who has 2 old trucks on his property. I was thinking about using the frame and tires if he'll give them to me cheap. Excellent coop and thanks for the ideas.
  5. Melabella
    That is super cool. Lucky chickens!
  6. Sally Sunshine
  7. foulplay
    Thank you everyone it feels so great when someone compliments you after something that you worked really hard on.
  8. joan1708
  9. Kansas Prairie
  10. EHook518
    I love how it is painted!
  11. foulplay
    Thank you very much and I like your avatar pic very funny
  12. Stumpy

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