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By Dwkuska · Aug 11, 2012 · Updated Aug 16, 2012 · ·
  1. Dwkuska
    Here is my slap together coop. I had been procrastinating building a coop and work just told me I might be leaving the state for 3 mo. for work. WIfe demanded I build a coop. So I decided to build something with mostly what I had. Basically something to hold the chickens until I can get back and build a nice one.
    We had like a kids playhouse that the previous owner of the house we bought built. We decided that would make a spacious coop for our 4 Red Junglefowl. So I mounted the 185lb beast on 32" stilts to keep it off the ground. and mounted a henbox on the rear of the building. Hen box is made of cedar with shingles to keep any later broody hens from getting wet.
    There was also a pre-existing kids play/treehouse that I decided to use for the run as it already had the 4x4 posts set in the ground and a roof that I can hang suet cages/swing/whatever from. BTW inside the run area roof is about 6'8"(for reference of height).

    Inside the run we have a nice cedar ramp, food, water, and a few roosts I mounted but they are barely visible. Sorry about the darkeness. I only have time to take pics at night. SO yeah here is my temporary coop to get my pretties going until I can build/afford something nicer. Eventually I would like to use bird netting to create 25'x25' chicken run, WIll prolly use the coop so I dont have to build another lol. Its ghetto, its functional, and for 4 tiny birds its pretty spacious.

    The birds at around 8:30... nobody likes a peeping tom sheesh!(pic taken from ramp)
    Nesting boxes have 5" dividers. Not sure if they needed to be walled off completely, but the thought was they could chat while laying eggs.
    (Pic taken from nest boxes) lol I think they are mildly disturbed at this peeping tom with the flashing camera.

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    "Cool! :)"
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  2. CCUK
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 12, 2018
    Considering it was ' thrown together' it looks great.
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  1. ChickInDelight
    Sorry - I am missing what is NOT nice about this coop. I wish I could slap together something like this! Can you peek in from the deck?
  2. chickoni
    I enjoy all the re-use. Looks like HappyHenHouse to me!
  3. Dwkuska
    Tyvm Dave!
  4. FlaDave
    I love to see folks creatively use materials available for their needs. This works just fine and it really saves you money and another tree. Your birds will have plenty of room and enjoy it. Congratulations.

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