Green Fields Poultry Farm
Our Coop
The concrete is getting poured...a day AFTER we got the chicks!

Starting to smooth it out

Smoothing it out

The walls are going up!

It's finished! It comfortably houses 50 standard size birds. It has two double size windows and two regular size windows. It has a 2 by 10 feed room area and a 10 by 10 chicken area. The fence is not quite finished; it still needs more pickets on the lower portion. The cupola on top was built with excess siding material and extra shingles. The chickens free range during the day and come in at night. We are currently building an area in the garage for broilers.

Ta Da!

Our chickens
KFC our one and only rooster, a light brahma. He is sweet tempered and we all love him! Brown Chicken II. A rhode island red hen.
Martha Stewart. A cukoo maran hen. Pumpkin (RIP). A BO hen. One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater(Purple)'s butt. She is a Black Star hen.
KFC, Martha, Pumpkin (RIP), Acorn, a black Austrolorp hen, Butternut, a Splash Orpington(?) hen with a deformed wing. (Not pictured: Candy Corn, BO hen.)

Our current chicks
Elva, a BO hen-chick. She will fall asleep right in my hand! An unnamed WR hen-chick. An unnamed BR hen-chick
Eight Cornish X chicks (eaten)
Moo, an Ameracauna hen-chick, two unnamed BO chicks, an unnamed WR chick, two unnamed Ameracauna chicks, Moo and Little Owl, Ameracaunas
Padme a light brahma hen-chick Little Owl an ameracauna hen-chick
Peanut and Pink, bantam RIR's, Princess and Popcorn, unknown bantams Sleeping Beauty, Madam Fuzz (r.i.p.), and Prince Charaming
(Not pictured: two Ameracauna chicks, one WR chick, two BR chicks and one Light Brahma Amidala)
My Blog
April 1st, 2009
Our chicks finally arrived! This is my second batch of chicks. The hatchery (Welp) sent an extra, and for a good reason. Not four hours after arriving, one CornishX chick died. We buried him/her in the cornfield. Upon burial, it was christened 'Pootla'. We weren't going to name the CornishX, but we figured it was already dead, so what the heck.
April 5th, 2009
It's freezing cold and snowing, but the chicks seem fine. Had to get poop off of Amidala yesterday. Poor gal had pasty butt! Silkie chicks haven't arrived yet. Kari should be calling me any day now when they hatch.
April 8th, 2009
Separated the CornishX from the layer chicks today. Everyone seemed fine with their new home. I think its so funny to watch both groups. The layers usually sleep most of the time and the Cornish usually eat. I took the feed away from the Cornish at six-fifteen. My dad will give them more when he goes to work tomorrow.
April 28th, 2009
The Cornish are growing like crazy! Let them out for a little while yesterday, they loved it!

May 5th, 2009
We got seven bantams! Two white silkies, one gray silkie, two rir bantams, and two unknown bantams. My favorite is the hen silkie. We named her Sleeping Beauty (Missy for short) she will fall asleep in my hand and make a purring noise.

August 2, 2009
Madam Fuzz has been limping lately and she died this afternoon. We tried giving her sugar water, but nothing worked. RIP, Madam Fuzz
August 7, 2009
Acorn hatched four chicks! unsure on names so far. they are so cute with little feathery feet, just like their daddy, KFC
August 18, 2009
yesterday, a coyote came within six feet of the house, snuck up on a chicken, grabbed it, stashed it in the bushes and then grabbed another! i couldn't believe it! we had to lock up all of the chickens. luckily, the coyote didn't get a taste for chicken since we were able to find the bodies before he could come back for them. RIP Lavender and Pumpkin