Hi there! In this article I am going to go over the basics of how I built this run/coop. I will start with the coop:


We started out with a old chunky house. Then we fixed it up to look like all of the pictures below.

We then fixed it up, added venting, covered all holes and opening with 1/2 inch welded wire and painted the now cozy duck coop. The finished product was fantastic and looked so good! The ducks enjoy it so much and feel so protected in their duck house!

The run was harder....took more money and lots more time. I will give some pictures and some info to scratch the surface of how we built this.
We started off with some post sticking out of the ground.
We then put 1/2 inch welded wire around the whole perimeter and built a door.

IMG_20180729_150854 (1).jpg

We then put a roof on with poultry netting.
That is it! Thank you guys for your reviews and comments!
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