Happy Morrows' Chicken Page

The ladies arrived on March 29th!

We were thirsty girls!

Working the camera.

We started out with 33 from Murray McMurray but 19 went home with the folks who ordered with me when they were a week old. Now we have mine: 4 Buff Orpingtons, 3 Easter Eggers, 2 Barred Rocks, and one mystery chick! And my brother's until they are older: 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes, 1 Easter Egger, and a Dark Cornish. That's 14 chicks to keep me busy!

Working on the Coop!
Thanks to everyone who helped put up stud walls: Dad, Eli, and Jeremiah (and Kodi)
Thanks to the Bakers (The best neighbors ever) for the metal roofing and...well...everything else you do!
Thanks most of all to my dearest husband who risked life and limb to put the roof on and spoils me daily.

Zach and I got the base built on our own, but needed a little help from his dad and two of his brothers to get the stud walls up. Thanks again for the help guys!

Yay for stud walls!
Cowboy and Greysea (the pups) were a big help too!

Cowboy checking out the ladies.

Getting there...

Almost done! Just have to finish the nest box sides. For the door we re-purposed an old screen door that we found in our shed when we moved in. I still need to make the chicken hatch for the yard on the front with a drop door on it, and of course the yard itself, but once the nest boxes are built it will be chicken worthy!

More pictures of the ladies as they grow...

Learning how to roost at a week old!

We were outside on the ground for the first time today!
Scratching at grass is fun!

We love spinach!

So much that we are hopping on to the "food bringer's" hand.

The Ladies have moved to the coop!

The ladies made a successful move to the coop. Everyone is really enjoying the extra space, and the practice roosts that I made them. The cat has appointed herself Head of Coop Security, and has been trying to find flaws in coop defenses. She found one today, to my horror, she was sitting in one of the nest boxes looking extremely smug. There were still 14 chicks accounted for though, and we found the very creative way she got in and decided, better her than a raccoon!

I have become a "crazy chicken lady"! But the girls do love to roost on me and look for hidden treats. They are terribly spoiled chickens!

We have the first named chicken! Meet Janice...she got her tail feathers plucked by the other chicks so was in the house healing up. She now enjoys being held and taking a ride on a shoulder when she can catch one.

Here is Janice taking a ride with me and hanging out with my nephew Isaac.

My brother Matt and nephew Isaac came up to meet their 4 chicks and to help build the chicken yard. It's always nice to have some extra hands. The chicks really enjoyed going out in the yard. We also found some logs that were full of termite larvae and ants. It took the ladies a little bit to get the idea about bugs, but once they did they were really excited about it!

Matt and Isaac bringing insect-full logs to the ladies.

Isaac feeding chicks termites. My sweet wonderful husband. The ladies enjoying the yard.

5 Weeks Old and in the Yard!

Learning to use the ramp!

Cowboy keeping an eye on the proceedings

Janice relaxing on my leg
Not so sure about that first step!
The Ladies all grown up...and the new rooster Johnny Storm!

The Next Generation
These are babies from one of the Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, and Easter Eggers, from the old rooster Dom.

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