How to Change Your Avatar

There are four ways to change your BYC avatar on the new platform.
By casportpony · Dec 1, 2017 · Updated Feb 9, 2018 ·
  1. casportpony
    Here are four ways to change your avatar.

    Way number one.
    how_to_change_avatar_1 (Large).png
    how_to_change_avatar_2 (Large).png

    Way number two.
    how_to_change_avatar_3 (Large).png
    how_to_change_avatar_4 (Large).png
    how_to_change_avatar_5 (Large).png

    Way number three.
    how_to_change_avatar_6 (Large).png
    how_to_change_avatar_7 (Large).png

    Way number four.

    how_to_change_avatar_9 (Large).png
    how_to_change_avatar_10 (Large).png
    how_to_change_avatar_11 (Large).png

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