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By KovalChickEggs · Sep 17, 2015 · ·
  1. KovalChickEggs
    Jackson. Where do I start? Okay, well, first, every day he greets me by running up to me in a big, scary, bad boy way. Then I take a step towards him and he runs away. I haven't been a chicken owner for very long, I got Jackson along with 4 hens and 1 other rooster around Easter (2015). They're all Asian Blues, even though they look nothing alike and I can tell them apart easily. Jackson's basically the "bad boy" of the group, even though he's really just a curious little scaredy-chicken,if that's a thing. He's veeeeeeeery curious, always running up to me. There's really no way to explain it,
    so I'll show you-

    This would be one of my favorite pictures of Jackson, captioned by my brother-
    "Chick Selfie"

    Jackson and Tilly( Our other rooster who we thought was a hen)
    are always running up, protecting their hens. Tilly, the brown one has
    a band-aid around his foot because he broke his leg. Then it healed
    completely! And now it's broken again.

    One thing I love most about is guy is his beautiful golden legs and feet!
    His tail feathers glimmer in the sun, giving the illusion that he's
    a green/blue color, which is also stunning.

    Most roosters don't get along, but these two didn't fight as
    much as most roosters. But to be fair, they are still young.

    Saddly, Jackson was getting a little rough with our hens,
    so we had to give him away. But don't worry! Right now
    he's living with 30 hens all to himself, and as soon as we
    got there to drop him off, he crowed for the first time!

    Love you Jackie!

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  1. N F C
    I enjoyed reading about Jackson and that "selfie" is priceless!

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