Our North Carolina Chicken Coop

This is our new Western North Carolina chicken coop. We are new at raising chickens and are figuring things out as we go. We thought you might want to see how we made our coop and all the fun our family
is having with our new



This is my daughter and I working on the base/run for the coop. Although I did have a design in mind we kind of difted from it. Okay, it isn't anything like what we first had in mind.


As we were building it it became more and more obviouse that some things needed to be changed. But as you can see, this was the basic design.


At first we were just going to have only one chicken box. We soon figured out that we needed more space for more chickens. In fact, even the finished coop is a little small. I'm a city boy so I guess I was thinking I needed something real small. I should have gone bigger.

We used a smooth paneling for the floor. It makes it easy to clean.
For ventalation I used a leaf guard screen for gutters. It seems to work well.


I painted everything on the in side white. The out side with some redish paint I had laying around. I bought some roofing material for the roof and used some chicken wire all the way around the run.

I made some changes with the string that pulls the trap door open. I also put locks on the doors just so that the kids would be less likely to leave them open.

We have enjoyed our four chickens a lot. They are not yet old enough to lay yet. Can't wait to get some yummy eggs.
More to come...