Garden Roof Chicken Coop

My husband 'thought out loud' that maybe we should get chickens. I quickly realized that would mean I would get to build a cool chicken coop and I was in! The chicken coop design quickly turned into an obsession. Here were my goals;
-I wanted to build it once, so going too cheap on materials just to have it rot was not an option.
-It had to look good and be something I was proud of and NOT something that I wanted to hide from my neighbors.
-Due to the investment I wanted it to 'give back' besides providing shelter for my chickens. Creating a garden roof on the coop was my solution to making it multi-functional and 'giving back' in the form of garden produce.
-Halfway into the design I realized that there was a void in the chicken coop market of modern looking chicken coops. So I adjusted my design to be modular so construction time was faster and could be somewhat assembly line. It could also adapt to the many funky yard spaces that everyone has. I have now committed to selling chicken coops!

Modern : Multi-functional : Modular

This became my concept for my chicken coop. A modern aesthetic to fit in with a typical urban/suburban lot. Multi functional with a garden roof that you can actually garden in, which would provide produce and keep the coop cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Modular construction so ease of expanding coop in the future would be easy as well as the ability to tailor coop to clients unique needs and offer a semi-custom design.

Each frame is of a modular size. The frames are bolted together to form the main structure and sheathed in a variety of options. (ie: hardware cloth, cedar siding, painted wood, vertical garden, trellis and gates) There are also a variety of options for the roof type. (ie: garden roof, sloped roof and green roof)

The overall coop size is 3'x6'-7" and it's 4' tall. There is two gates (which can be located wherever desired), so cleaning is an ease with a rake.

Eggs easily collected through the side hatch.

It's funny how a little thought turned into this?!!
I am really excited about the possibilities and invite you to check out my website.
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