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  1. Skitz
    I will try to build an incubator :) I was thinking about buying one online, but the good ones run about $200+ [​IMG] so I will see if my 'KYDLE-Bator' is worth building! [​IMG] please stay tuned and I will update as I make progress! Thanks.

    I will be making two versions of this incubator, one will be a regular styrofoam cooler you can find at walmart (or where I will be getting mine which is United Supermarkets) which will be named 'KYDLE-Bator 01' and the other I will build from scratch out of wood so I can make it however I want to instead of being limited to the dimensions of the styrofoam cooler which will be named 'KYDLE-Bator 02'

    These are the supplies and prices for the KYDLE-Bator 01 aka Styrofoam Cooler.

    2 Small Plastic Food Storage Containers (Tupperware)- $1.00 (Purchased at Dollar Tree)
    1 Electrical Tape- $1.00 (Purchased at Dollar Tree)
    1 Duct Tape- $1.00 (Purchased at Dollar Tree)
    2 4x6 Glass Picture Frames- $2.00 (Purchased at Dollar Tree)
    1 8x10 Glass Picture Frame- $1.00 (Purchased at Dollar Tree)
    1 Bottle Lamp Kit- $6.47 (Purchased at Walmart)
    1 Long Nosed Plier- $0.00 (Already had one, you can buy one at Dollar Tree for $1.00)
    1 Styrofoam Cooler- Still haven't purchased, will update when I do. (Purchased at United Supermarkets)
    1 Water Heater Thermostat- $8.68 (Purchased at Lowes)
    1 Piece Of Mesh Cloth- Still haven't purchased, will update when I do.
    1 Pair of Scissors- $0.00 (Already had a pair, you can buy a pair at Dollar Tree for 1.00)
    1 Sharp Knife- $0.00 (Already had an Xacto blade, but a knife will work well)
    1 Stapler- $0.00 (Already had one, you can purchase one at Dollar Tree for $1.00)
    1 USB Fan- $0.00 (Already had one, but you can get an old PC fan and wire it to an adaptor OR get a desk sized office fan)
    1 Pack of Wire Connectors- Still haven't purchased, will update when I do.

    Total Price so far: $21.15

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