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    Hi my name is Kathy and welcome to my chicken page!
    I have just started my flock a few months ago with two young silkies. A white bearded one that the neighborhood kids named Wilma White and a black non bearded named Betty Black. We all love to pet and talk to them and they are truely spoiled chickens!
    I designed and made a chicken tractor for the silkies and we move it all around the yard for fertilizer and it gives Wilma and Betty some fresh areas while I'm at work. I work for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries and work long hours. When I'm home they get to go all over the yard which they love.
    We had a surprize about a week ago Wilma started crowing! LOL So I guess hes now Wilbur!
    I just added two new chicks to my silkies, another female thats about 2 mths old, Pearl and a Partridge female chick thats about 1 mth old. (No name for her yet)
    I do plan on having the unusual chickens in my flock like Frizzles, Silkies, Polish and I also want some cochins. A nice friendly flock.
    I live in Birmingham, Alabama

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