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Is your chick or chicken in laying down or scooting around and not walking? If the answer is yes read this article. There are three main problems your chicken/chick could have. Leg problems will most likely happen in chicks but can happen and older chickens. These are the three main leg problems that could happen:
1. Vitamin deficiency
2. Slipped tendon
3. Broken leg
Vitamin Deficiency
Vitamin deficiency is The most common. Symptoms can include: lethargic, not walking, not using legs at all, crawling. To treat a vitamin deficiency make a chicken smoothie blend up cucumbers, gatorade, and any other vitamin rich vegetables or fruits give as much as you can to them every day until it’s gone and you don’t need the whole bottle of Gatorade just like a quarter of a bottle of Gatorade or however much you want. Then you can buy vitamins to put in their water for chicks and chickens or if you want to put it in their food what I used when I had a chick with a vitamin deficiency was poultry booster that you can buy from tractor supply or amazon two months or older use the Full dose younger use half a dose. Until they start walking when they start walking just monitor them and you can keep giving them vitamins if you want but after they start walking they are pretty much good to go.
Slipped Tendon
A slipped tendon is a little harder to treat if they have a slip tendon they will be holding their leg up with their joint bent and their foot to their body and you might think it’s broken. TREATMENT IS BEST LEFT TO A VET AND WILL NOT FIX ITSELF.
Broken Leg
if the chicken has a broken leg they might try to walk but will not put any weight on it and can be very difficult and stressful to treat treatment is also best left to a vet you can wrap the leg but the chicken needs to be an optimal conditions to heal.
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please advise, I have a rooster that I have been treating for 10+ days now. It is not bumble foot, and he does not have mites - my first two thoughts with his condition. Both of his feet are red and swollen, one more than the other, he has a red stripe down his leg, and at the top of his leg where the feathers begin is very inflamed, swollen glands, bright red and painful. this goes up about 1/4 inch or 1/2 inch. I have actually been treating him with Epsom salt baths, and applying antibiotic ointment as well as some essential oils to his legs. I did break down and take him to my vet on Dec. 30, she agreed it was not bumble foot or mites (I previously treated him and the coop for mites) she did give him a treatment for mites as a precaution, and gave me an antibiotic. But after days of this treatment he is really not improving much... any one have any ideas on how to help him? He is a sweet guy, and I do not want to loose him. He is in a cage in our garage, and I am treating his legs at least once a day, sometimes twice a day. 20201228_153226.jpg 20201228_153206.jpg

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