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By Cyxa · Apr 1, 2013 ·
  1. Cyxa
    The main squeeze has been working hard on the coop and finished it this weekend. With all the spare lumber laying around the place we only needed to get a few 2x4s and insulation. (Yes, this baby is insulated - top, bottom and walls.) Exterior walls are made of 1/2 inch oak in board & batten styling.

    The coop was built faciing south on 4x4's sunk into the ground and concreted in place. It measures 4x8x4 and is 2 foot off the ground. This coop is going nowhere.

    The front has 2 windows that open made from a recycled truck camper shell.

    The chicken run will be 12 foot long, made with angle iron, and attached to the front of the coop with the bottom screened off for easy shade/rain protection.

    This is the back of the coop which faces north. It has a a closeable window for ventilation, screened with 1/2x1/2 hardware cloth installed UNDER the wood siding. No unwanted critters wanted.

    There is a 6 inch tall access door across the bottom for easy egg retrieval from the 5 nesting boxes.

    The interior is accessed from a large door on the east side.
    Amenities include:
    A "trap door" that removes for easy cleaning.

    5 nesting boxes

    Poop board for PDZ

    Roosting perch above poop board

    Insulated roof

    Insulated walls

    Insulated floor

    Insulated doors




    Still to be done:
    • Battens need to be attached
    • Coop needs to be painted - red to match the other outbuildings
    • Bottom needs to be wired off
    • Run needs to be built & attached.

    Still trying to decide if I want sand on the inside or wood chips; the floor can handle either. We have access to free riversand so will use that for the run.

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