Made my Formex Snap Lock Coop into a chicken tractor

By Kathi D · Feb 14, 2013 · ·
  1. Kathi D
    I bought a set of 10-inch wheels and added them to my new Snap Lock coop so that I can roll it around the yard. I'm going to build a run, closed in on 4 sides with wire, to keep the chickens safe from predators. Haven't figured out yet how to secure it to the coop.

    The coop is on a base made of 2x4's. I drilled through the 2x4's to attach a rope pull, which I enclosed with some 1-inch clear tubing from the hardware store. The rope is knotted on the back, and the tubing makes for a comfortable grip when pulling. I put a pull on both sides of the coop.


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    No details of inside or costs?


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  1. agedog1
    I have read reviews on this coop also it is built here in Georgia. I love your idea of building the tractor to fit it. As it is -it's predator proof. However this is not a coop for housing chickens 24/7. I would only recommend this coop for those that free range during the day.
  2. Stumpy
    Wonderful! Could you share more photos?
  3. topdycke
    Would like to hear your comments on this coop. The wheels are a great addition. Spotted it after putting together a garden shed that is similarly made. The light weight and bullet proof material seems to be a plus. How many chickens are you keeping in it? How heavy is the plastic that it is made from? Thinking of predator potential for chewing through...

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