Madison Wisconsin Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowed4 per household
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredYes
Coop Restrictionscoop must be 25' from neighbors
City/Organization Contact name
Additional Information From JSOnline: Madison has not had major problems with resident chickens since its ordinance was passed in 2004, said Patrick Comfert, the city\\\'s animal services lead worker. \\\"We do get complaints occasionally relating to crowing roosters, and ethnic religious ceremonies that involve butchering a chicken,\\\" he said. Roosters are illegal in Madison and other cities that allow chickens. Butchering chickens also is illegal. Madison allows up to four hens, which must be confined in a coop. Madison residents must pay $10 for an annual chicken permit issued by the city treasurer. Coops must be at least 25 feet from neighboring residences. So far this year, 62 permits have been issued by the city, according to the treasurer\\\'s office. \\\"What I\\\'ve noticed is it seems to have opened up neighborhoods,\\\" said Comfert. \\\"It\\\'s made people come off their porches and be more neighborly. A lot of people share eggs with their neighbors.\\\" Pam Karstens, who keeps chickens on Madison\\\'s near east side, has taught a \\\"City Chickens 101\\\" class for Mad City Chickens, the Madison group of chicken owners that began as a \\\"chicken underground.\\\" Following from another article in the paper: Caledonia, WI. A recent fight with city hall here resulted in a no-chickens-allowed ordinance. There are a number of articles on-line about the debate in this city. Ellsworth, WI. Pierce County has a medical officer do a visual check of your property. A permit of $50 is required. Up to 10 hens allowed. Keeping birds in a chicken tractor would keep you from having to get a building permit. Fond du Lac, WI. No chickens allowed in this city as they are considered a public nuisance. Greenbay, WI. The law reads: May have 4 birds over 8 inches tall per residence plus a clutch or part of a clutch for 8 weeks. Madison, WI. Up to four chickens per household. Not allowed to roam free. Keep pen 25 ft. from neighbors. $10 annual permit required. Hens only; no roosters allowed. Shorewood Hills, WI. It is said that the village Clerk keeps six hens. Noise and smell are regulated, but not the number of chickens.
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