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  1. Mavo
    [​IMG]The MavoCoop started after my 10 year old daughter came home from a sleep over and wanted chicks. She quickly partnered up with her 7 year old sister and the begging began. I didn't have a project going on at the time so I said it could be fun. And it was. After looking at many pictures and doing a lot of reading. I decided I wanted a coop that could handle up to 10 hens. I wanted it to be movable with my tractor. I also wanted to have a good run that could be flexible in its location on the Coop. I had read a lot about cleaning up the mess the hens created so I went ahead and put chicken wire below the roasts so when clean out would be minimized. I also added a clean out door so I could easily hose the floor part down when I need to. So far that has been about once a month.



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  1. joan1708
    Pretty coop! I would love to know how this coop design worked! Did you change anything?
  2. ImportTheBest
    The coop and run look great!
  3. chicksbunsdog
    Looks a lot like the coop that I am trying build (only your is much nicer!) I was wondering if you lived somewhere warm because I would worry about the coop being cold in the winter with wire on the floor of the coop? Or maybe the chickens don't mind? We don't have any chickens yet, just working on the coop first. Thanks
  4. wullus

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