Mudd Flapp Ranch Chicken Coop with automatic opener

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  1. Mudd Flapp
    This is my coop I built with the help of my nephew. I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

    I am currently raising 9 Delaware hens, 5 Silver Laced Wyandotte hens and 3 New Hampshire Red Roosters. I have hatched out one batch of sex link chicks, I sell the hens and raise the roosters for meat.

    I add these plans and photos to give you ideas that will work for you, not necessarily as blueprints. This coop works great for me, but makes no provisions for cold weather, artificial light or hen brooding chicks. Also, this coop is 100% utilitarian with no concern for aesthetics. Of course I live on 15 acres in the middle of a National Forest, with no neighbors in sight. A little trim work and color or siding selection could make this sub-division worthy.

    Mudd Flapp


    Sketch of the floor plan

    Siding going up
    Back of the nesting boxes
    Front of the nesting boxes
    One of the Delawares checking out the new nest
    I made the roosts with trees I cut on the farm
    The door between the storage area and the coop
    The storage area
    The chicken door, before the opener
    The Arduino Uno, the brain of the automatic opener

    Video of the coop

    Video of the Arduino Opener in action

    Video of the screw drive door


    Schematic of the opener

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  1. featherweightmn
    I love the design -very Mid-Century modern! -but won't part w/ our cutesy coop design asthetic, LOL!
  2. Weasleymum
    For something built without regard to aesthetics, it is really pretty! I like the look a lot better than some of the cutesy-cute, shutters-and-curtains-and-window-boxes coops... Having the nest boxes accessable from the storage area is a great idea, too.

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