My first coop/breeding pen

By FLKYZach · Oct 31, 2017 · ·
  1. FLKYZach
    Ok so this is my first ever build for anything from scratch. I started with help from other articles from here along with around the internet. My coop closely resembles the Motel Chix from another member on here a few years ago.

    So here's what I started with a truck and trailer full of materials. Picked up some rabbits on the way in. ​
    List of materials:
    Zip Ties: about 500 (will be replaced at a later date)
    CATTLE PANEL 50INX16FT: x3 $20.99each
    TPOST 6FT 1.25 GN: x10 $3.59each
    RABBIT GUARD FENCE 40X50: x1 $29.99each
    BAG OF PINE SHAVING: x1 $5each
    Landscaping Fabric 3ftx40ft: x1 $4each
    Tarps: x3 $2-15each
    Wood and fencing: Free scrap

    Step 1:
    Plant the posts and use the included t-post clips to clip the cattle panels to the t-post. I also used some as a twist tie on the two panels to connect them. Just take a pair of pliers and twist also the gap between the top of the panels I got rid of by using a ratchet strap to pull one of the panels down to clip them together.

    Step 2:
    Add the back and side fencing. As you can see I didn't put any fencing going up the panel because the top part is going to be covered by a tarp. Now you can see the panels are aligned with each other with a small gap on the left sadly that can't be fixed. The extension cord is only there so I may have power for working at night.

    Step 3:
    Attach the tarps to the top and back of the pen and landscaping fabric to the sides. While also attaching the front door and fencing. The blue tarp inside the coop is not the back it is used to create a small coop area from the run area. The door hasn't been secured yet but the trash can is doing great keeping my 3 Cornish Xs in the coop and keeping everything else out.

    Here are the rest of the pictures.
    I went with a dutch style door so that i can check on the chickens without having to open the full door. There is a piece of scrap wood holding the top door in while closed and allows me to pull on the top door to open the full door or just the top part. Finishing touches will be a latch on the door to keep it closed while not using a trash can. along with planting the separator tarp for the coop/run part of the pen. Also gonna add the rest of my chickens to the mix. Build about 4 more of these for cornish breeding since I have no building to house them in.

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  1. N F C
    Good job for your very first coop build!
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