My Mid Life Crisis Coop

This coop looks amazing but also like a lot of effort. I hope your chickens and yourselves are super happy with this amazing coop you pulled off.
Love how it all started out buying an incubator and hatching some eggs as a great family project!
Beautiful Chicken Coop!
I absolutely love this and the driving forces behind it. Thank you for sharing this pic by pic story. My hens and rooster stay at "Shady Pines," as in "The Golden Girls." It was built by Alf and Ralph, with materials furnished by Mr. Haney of "Green Acres" fame. But rather than call it "Hooterville" we opted for the former. For laughs, pics included.
0407180838.jpg 20190616_064101.jpg
As for clukmecoop7, all I can say is reach in your heart and pull out an ice cube! "I've seen better"...did you happen to see the driving reason behind his effort? If not, look again. She's smiling...and proud. Just sayin....
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Going through my midlife crisis and you've given me inspiration, Lol!!
A beautiful coop to look at. Thanks for sharing!
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it looks lovely! Your daughter is lucky to have such an industrious father. Just dont take over her hobby ☺. Great job and I'm sure hard to find BETTER!
I've seen better coops.
I'm in love with this coop!
Based on the article, I really think it's something I'll be able to do. I love that it's pretty basic but aesthetically pleasing...meaning it's gorgeous and I NEED IT!
Thank you so much for sharing!!
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