My New Chicken House

By sara213 · Jul 26, 2012 · Updated Feb 18, 2013 · ·
  1. sara213
    ******Under Construction ********

    I was telling my then boyfriend now fiancee that I used to have pet chickens when I was younger. Then I stopped having them once one of my favorite one died about 11 years ago. Then he said you should have them again. I thougth sure I guess I designed a coop and he and his friend but it together in the basement of their work.

    [​IMG] <--- this is the start... the plexiglass would be the sunroof.

    They started the frame in the workshop at his work with the help of his friend.



    [​IMG] <<< the door has been attached :)


    There the coop is in the back yard....not painted yet.



    Inside and the nest boxes....

    I decided to paint the entire coop in Killz2 primer. I applied only 1 coat only. I let it dry as seen below:


    I bought some exterior high gloss paint in a off-white colour. And I bought high gloss exterior paint in sunflower for the trim and wal la.....



    I bought stencils from a art crafts store and just applied it with a sponge brush and put a little design on the exposed wood:

    [​IMG] the moment. I don't have any chickens. I decided to wait until spring and then I didn't know at the time which breed I wanted. I decided I will getting Nankin's from a breeder about 40 minutes from me. I decided on them because they are rare and I wanted to possibly breed them in the future.

    The only problem with the design is the windows...there was wooden panels that would fit into the window slots but with the water soaking into the wood it caused them to swell and now they don't fit in the slots anymore.

    I'm still figuring out how I will be able to close and open the windows when I need to be.

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  1. Cryss
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 12, 2018
    I love it! And, hey, HE'S a keeper!
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  2. SimplyLivinthatFarmLife
    "My New Chicken House"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 12, 2018
    Great story! You did what most of us intend to a chicken coop BEFORE getting chicks. Love the bright yellow color! Thanks for sharing the details.
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  3. Hope Hughes
    "Very cute!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 1, 2018
    Love the paint! Only thing I might change is bigger run if they are not free ranged. I could see,,(they might be there) higher roost for them.
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  1. lwiese58
    This is a really sweet coop and your fiancée and friend were so thoughtful to make it for you! I hope you will post an update and more pictures with the girls! I like the stencil work!

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