My Spoiled Rotten Flock

By meandsummykai · Jan 29, 2016 · Updated Jan 29, 2016 · ·
  1. meandsummykai
    I live in a city in Southern Maine. I hatched my Australorps in the spring of 2014. Roxy (Barred Rock) was an impulse buy from Agway. All of my chickens are very tame. I was pleasantly surprised by how much personality they have!

    [​IMG]Hanging out having a chat.

    [​IMG]My husband giving her some love.

    [​IMG]My hens eating breakfast with my bunny. They all live together in the run. The bunny has her own hutch in there and has made a few burrows including one under the chicken coop. I love how they all get along.

    [​IMG]On their way to visit the neighbors. They love the chickens and in the summer I'll text them when I have the girls out in the yard so they can come visit.

    [​IMG]This is our Rooster with our Husky, Niko. Niko is great with all of our animals! The bunny often sleeps next to him.

    [​IMG]Here are the girls going to bed for the night.

    [​IMG]Roxy hanging out.[​IMG]

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  1. N F C
    Wonderful pictures! I love their winter scarves, lol. Thank you for sharing your flock!
  2. Gossie
    I love Roxy! You're pictures are beautiful. The scarves are cute, did you make them?
  3. hashworld
    Spoiled chickens indeed :) And very beautiful too.
  4. meandsummykai
    Gossie- Yes I made them. I just cut a piece of fleece that I bought at Walmart for less than $3.00. Very cheap and easy.
  5. Ballerina Bird
    Love the pic of them all dressed up to visit the neighbors! Totally adorable.
  6. pattyhen
    Love the pics, their spoiled and beautiful. The scarves look so cute on them.
  7. Ballerina Bird
    Agree with @pattyhen ; those scarves are like my favorite thing I saw this week.

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