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By saltandpepper2 · May 2, 2015 · Updated May 2, 2015 · ·
  1. saltandpepper2
    Prologue: Basically, I've had chickens for a looooonnnnggg time, but always made the coops out of supplies I had on hand; never making "what I wanted" but "what worked". Well, that all changed this spring! I went to the feed store to buy dog food.... and came back with five chicks, and my first four ducks... yeah... well, needless to say, I needed a new, larger coop for these, oh, and the 30 that were already in the incubator! So, I made some plans! My family has always joked that our last name being Wit, we always drive each other to our wits end! And My chicken math issue just might be doing this to my husband, but he's too kind to tell me no [​IMG]

    ( I mean, how can you say no to these little cuties?)

    Well, very soon after this unexpected splurge of mine, I realized that I needed to start a coop! These were the first "shop sketches"
    Color coded and all [​IMG].
    [​IMG]The original plans were 4x8' with 4' front wall, and 2'2'' back wall. It was to have a big door in the front for easy cleaning, and a smaller door to collect eggs. However, the plans did change!
    [​IMG]This is the basic frame work for the coop, the floor plan is still 4x8, but everything else pretty much changed. It is 1'4'' off the ground, the front is 4'3'' the back is about 2''4. There is one large opening, and one small opening for the chicken door.
    [​IMG]This picture is pretty much where the budget became non existent... We decided that if we were going to be working so hard on this coop, then it might as well be the last coop we had to build! So, I bought the siding, all new wood, and trimming with a nice white roof! It was starting to look pretty!
    [​IMG]The ventilation is mainly from the vents between the roofing and the walls. it's securely wired. Basically, all that's left to do is the rest of the trim, window boxes, flowers, and paint! I'm so excited for this new coop to be put in place, and decorated! More updates to come [​IMG]

    Be Blessed. Be happy.

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  1. CCUK
    "Well planned"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 16, 2018
    Nice work but I'd like to see it finished.


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  1. mightymax
    Oh, how funny. I'm currently building a new coop for our chickens right now too. Well, perhaps 'building' isn't
    the most accurate term to use considering the fact that although I can see it clearly in my mind, I have yet to put pen to paper as far as drawing up plans go and I'm nowhere near the "Honey, can you help me unload the lumber" stage yet !!! But on a positive note, I've already decided on the colors and picked up the paint at the hardware store !!! It's sitting in my garage as I write this, hopfully not to be inadvertently used for some other project I have up my sleeve. Can't wait to see your finished product. If it works out well for you, maybe I'll chop some time off my waaaay overdue starting date and just 'borrow' from your lovely (and perfectly colored coded, BTW) chicken coop plans !!! You're not planning on copy writing those, are you ??? (j/k !!!) Your coop looks WONDERFUL.
  2. haireecat
    What a great coop! Would you mind if I asked the cost of building it?

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