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Floor Framed

Floor Sheathed

Walls framed

I used the floor platform as a work table to frame up all the walls.
It made an easy work table and by using small blocks of 2x4 nailed into floor, used as "blocks" it assured everything was square

Walls going up

Roof structure

Roof sheathed

Roof shingled, I normally would have sheathed the exterior walls before roofing...but big winter storm inbound. Freebie Arct Shingles!

Siding going up

Window and door cutouts. The coop faces the south. the opening at the tops of the east and west walls (ends) will be seasonable panels, the inside will have hardware cloth attached for summer ventilation, during the cold months I can screw on siding panels that will match the outside of the coop to eliminate excess ventillation and add warmth

Interior paneling (scrap pieces of various wood going in like a jigsaw puzzle

Coop (basically done)

Inside shots