New to web site. Need advise on how to help my sick chick!

By Marie Joye · May 18, 2013 · Updated May 18, 2013 · ·
  1. Marie Joye
    Hi! I am new to owning chickens and would appreciate any help. One of my Silkies (2 weeks old) has a water eye that's irritated and a little red. I can tell its really bothering the chick because it keeps scratching at it. All around the eye the feather are all matted down from the little bit of fluid that is coming from it and I think that's why the chick keeps scratching at it. The fluid is not Pusey though. Its clear fluid. I've been wetting the eye with warm water to give it relief and that does seem to give the chick some relief for a little while. Thank goodness the chick is eating and drinking regularly. I have 8 other chicks with this silkie and they are all doing fine and don't have this problem. What else can I do to make this chick feel better and get rid of what ever it has?

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  1. arcy liger
    wash it regularly and then dry it

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