We had an unexpected number of roos in our last order (we had ordered 8 sexed chickens (all female) of varying breeds)... we ended up with six pullets and two cockerels in addition to the five hens and one roo we already had. We also fell in love with our new boys and decided to keep them, however, it became obvious that they needed seperate living quarters from the hens due to the way the new roos were stressing out the hens.
Here is our attempt at a rooster bachelor pad - the "No Hen Pen." This involved a combination of work by my husband, my dad, and myself. I made the initial design and my husband took project lead this time and had the final say-so on problems that cropped up.
Day 1:
We did a materials check around the house to see what we had lying around and what we needed.
We had on hand a bunch of old windows, some scrap wood, and my grandmother had some paneling and studs left over from the new bathroom she just built. Chris ran out to Lowes and got the following additional materials:
15 2" x 3" studs (we originally had planned to go with the 2" x 4" but cost of lumber was a bit higher than we were expecting so we went with the 2" x 3"s instead).
Several latches
An eye/hook closer for the new ramp
Nylon rope (to hang up the waterers and feeders)
Clips that will attach waterer and feeder to the rope
4 rolls of 1/2" hardware cloth 3' x 10'
We did all of this work in our barn because its been so rainy and cold lately.
Original Design

Pictures of the first day construction work... Initial Run/House framing is up and floor bracing is also in place for the house/condo


NOTE: I do have more pictures, however, they are currently stuck on another's computer's harddrive that the power supply has died on. When we are able to retrieve that data, I will post more pictures here.