Here is a rough picture that I created of more or less of what I want. Not sure if it will come out like this but I'll give it a go.

Now here is my make shift brooder. Yah, I know it is a dog kennel but its working out great!

And here are my little girls starting at 12 o'clock Ginger, Peeps, TiTi, and Patty the fatty. Hey my kids named them what do you

The hardest part is always getting started!

Once the base was complete ...........naw it was still hard...Framed the door.

Moved it to it's permanent location. Got the nest boxes in and the storage department. Oh yah and framed the window.

By this time the wife is complaining about the new wood....was using old wood from the shed that stood in the same spot.

Finaly got some helpers what a relief!!!! Talk about life savers!

Ohhhhh yah showing of the final product well.........before the primeing and the painting and the digging and the .....well you get the picture :)

Other side of the coop, small door and window for ventalation and the side door for easy cleaning.

Down to painting what fun :)

Got the chickens in and they are loveing it.

Front view of the coop and run.

Well here it is chickens and all!!!!!
I will post all the in-between pics as soon as I can God bless you all.