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By cyclearkansas · Nov 4, 2014 · Updated Nov 4, 2014 · ·
  1. cyclearkansas
    My neighbor had some left over wood from a project so I got it at a discount price and had a dream. I left the main floor of the coop 5" lower than the porch for a deep litter coop.
    The wall is 12' high. The old coop is in the background. Its 4'X8' and about 8' tall.

    I started in the spring but due to work and life in general, it got put on hold for a couple of months.

    The outside is finished in rough cut pine. I have a friend with a saw mill.

    The tin was donated from a neighbor. They all feed the chickens table scraps and help eat the eggs.

    It is still in progress but basically done. I'm not sure if I will finish out the inside or not. I do still need to add electric. It is hard to see but I made the chicken door in the shape of an egg.
    There are 6 laying boxes, 3 per side. Two runs for roost with poop board. And a ladder.

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  1. terrilee
    i love the look you gave your coop!
  2. bahamabanty
  3. featherweightmn
  4. cyclearkansas
  5. sunflour
    Neat looking coop.
  6. sunflour
  7. chickenneighbor
    Sweet coop! Lucky chickens!

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