My Summer Project

I remember that we were sitting in bed, my wife was watching television and I was playing with my laptop. I can't for the life of me remember why but I did a web search on keeping chickens. After about an hour or so of looking at coop designs and reading articles on caring for chickens, I turned to my wife and said " One of these days, we're going to get chickens." Her response was, "whatever" without taking her eyes off the television. That was three years ago. With the help of my two sons, we made it happen. It took three years of planning but here it is. Oh, my wife pays a little more attention to what I say nowadays.


Of course, what you see here is the begining stages of something that I'm very proud of. My boys are fourteen and four and together the three of us turned a stack of scrap lumber and a couple of handfuls of purchased materials into a beautiful chicken coop and run. Honestly, I'm pleasantly surprized at how it came out. I envisioned a nice coop but I had no idea that it would be this good. I took a great deal of inspiration from what other BYC members had built.

I tried to set these photos up to where they made sense but I'm still learning how to do this.