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By OvrEazy · Apr 28, 2019 · ·
  1. OvrEazy
    We wanted to get into backyard chicken raising and got this coop from Tractor Supply. We treated it, painted the inside and set it on treated lumber with chicken wire. Despite all the negative reviews it turned out to be a great coop for us.
    We quickly fell into the chicken math that everyone talks about and we decided to add a few more Easter Eggers and a Roo. We knew we'd need a bigger run because the girls just seemed so cramped, so we decided to move the coop and enlarge the run. We had been renovating the inside of the house and had lots of 2x4s from the renovation so we used those to split and create the new walls for the run. Everything is treated and sitting on treated lumber to prevent rot. We even found a great cedar tree that had fallen in the woods right behind us that we used as a beam for the roof.

    CACCD5D6-5F1E-4112-8451-0A7A8FCCB723.jpeg We love it. We sit out by the coop daily and spend more time there than on the deck.

    Now, here is our new coop for the baby chicks. They will stay here until they are ready to be introduced to the flock.
    Are we chicken crazy yet?!?!

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  1. the cluck juggler
    "Good looking coop"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed May 13, 2019
    Great work on creating a good looking and functional coop.


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  1. MarthaTheRooster
    Very well put together, I'm very impressed with how you added onto your prefab coop! The chick coop is very similar in design to the one my husband and I are currently working on.

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