Our little almost done coop

By BarneyNCyndi · Sep 7, 2014 · Updated Sep 24, 2014 · ·
  1. BarneyNCyndi
    Heres a picture of our coop with the doors on one side open. Easy access to everything. Doors on other side also. Windows in doors open also. Plus we made some insulation panels to fit in the windows on cold nights.

    Coop all closed up for the evening, with wheels on. Is kind of a chicken tractor, run is separate, pictures will come when run is done.

    Coop plugs into extension cord with two switched lights and a couple outlets to boot. Those come in handy.

    Here is a couple pictures of the run, it is made of PVC pipe with hardware cloth and is light enough to just pick up and carry, with 2 people, it just sits up against the coop door. We also have some paint on coop where it sits under apple tree. Hot lips and patience enjoy their new outdoor patio. We got some small wheels to put on the run so it will roll easy, but that has not been done yet, maybe this weekend.

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  1. EastTXChickens
  2. BarneyNCyndi
    Thank you lovepeeps and Arkansas. The plan was to make it easy to manage. Clean, move around and stuff. Plus is room underneath to keep feed and things.
  3. arkansas55
    beautiful coop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. lovepeeps
    You did a great job. Love it

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