Overly Attached Chicken Coop

By dirklately · Sep 26, 2012 · ·
  1. dirklately

    We just finished this coop recently, it's our own design. The weather is mild here, so we left the bottom open, it seems to be working to keep the smell down. We free range the hens during the day.

    It's got a tin roof and cedar siding. There's an access door on the left side.


    The egg doors reveal the backs of cut-out 5-gallon buckets we use for nest boxes. I wanted to make them low so the little children could collect eggs. I intend to replace the black plastic with something more durable, like vinyl flooring. It's just to keep the rain out that seeps through the cedar siding.


    Opening the side door, you can see the suspended feeder. (Can you tell I like 5-gallon buckets?) Also visible is the watering system: a bucket on the outside, PVC pipe, and some nipples.


    I hope this works! So far, the ladies seem to like it just fine.

    Thanks for looking! If you have any criticism or suggestions, we would love to hear it.

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  1. lwiese58
    I'm really diggin the roof overhang. That must be so nice on rainy days!
  2. NovaAman
    That roof might have the biggest over hang I ever saw! I like 5 gallon buckets too!
  3. Joe Jordan
    Looks great! That roof should provide plenty of shade to help the ladies keep cool in the summer. Very thoughtful design. Way to go!!!

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