Pallet Chicken Coop

By Hillbilly Liv · Apr 2, 2013 · Updated Oct 22, 2013 · ·
  1. Hillbilly Liv
    We took apart the old coop (which the comments below are related to) and built this one 4/20/13.

    10/22 update: We bought a small farm, once again rebuilt the coop! The details of the coop itself are the same as above, different roof.
    We were going to cover the entire top of the run, but the 16 chicks currently housed here are already integrated with the older flock, and are free ranging around the yard. This will be our broody/ grow-out coop and will be covered with wire/net on top for the next group.

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    "Pallet Coop"
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  1. Hillbilly Liv
    Thanks! Learned a lot from the first one :)
  2. flockandgarden nice.
  3. Hillbilly Liv
    Ok, posted a link to my blog with re-built coop!
  4. flockandgarden
    What I did was pick a separate area where I was going to put my boxes. At that point I took a 10" wide piece of wood cut it in half so I had 2 pieces and then cut them on an angle. 10" to 1/2" picked a pallet and nailed/screwed them on top so I had 2 slopes high point lower point and then you can cover the top with something cheep. I went and purchased a box of the clear plastic covers that you use to cover floursecent lights the flat ones (2'x4') mine came 4 per box for like $8.99 I used this to cover my top so my chickens had a dry higher place to roost and because of the 10" slop the rain flows out of the coop. You can use anything though even a tarp. I just happened on the idea of the lighting covers when I was looking for hinges. I like the idea because the light still comes in. Your coop looks great!
  5. Hillbilly Liv
    Do you have any suggestions for making a sleeping/pooping area separate from egg laying? This coop will be up for about 2 months until we move this summer, before they will be egg laying age. Maybe I'll know what I'm doing by then for the next coop, poor birds ;) I appreciate the reply!
  6. nellynelly
    the roof appears to be flat. water will pond and create a problem.
    typically, chickens will roost (sleep at night) at the highest point the can reach. if this is the nest box (place you want eggs) you may get sleeping (and pooping) chickens in the box that is reserved for eggs.
  7. Hillbilly Liv
    nellynelly I'm so new to this, can you explain? Thanks for the input :)
  8. Roxannemc
    Looks very cozy
  9. nellynelly
    you might want a steeper slope on the roof. if the nest box is the highest point in the coop, they will roost in it.
    looks good.

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