Pallett Coop In Progress Moving Right A Long

By paridisefarm2009 · Jul 12, 2012 · Updated Jul 19, 2012 · ·
  1. paridisefarm2009
    Describe 'Pallet coop In progress Moving right a long ' here
    Made from 2x4's and pallets Free pallets Work Still in progress this is what I have got done Just today I know its Not an Great as some of the coops in Hear but I am limited to what I can do with out too much help , this is what I can do on my own I Love free pallets and you can do a lot with them , when I am all done it will be painted , and have a roof so it will look much better then , until then this is where I am Some new pictures with the door , still need some more stuff done , roof paint got different hinges for the door and some hard wire
    Finally done



    [​IMG]roof and new door Lets see what tomorrow will bring weather Wise


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  1. Sally Sunshine
  2. Sally Sunshine
    I love it! the colors are cool! Great job on your pallet house too! A=
  3. chickoni
    I really like your coop, and its paint job. What else have you made from pallets? Just curious. Maybe you could share some "pallet pics" of your accomplishments.
  4. JessicaEm
    That's a good-looking pallet coop! Where do you get the pallets with the boards so close together? All the pallets I've come across have large spaces between the boards.
  5. oletymer
    I think its cool, creative and free wood , can't go wrong...
  6. teach1rusl
    I LOVE how it looks painted - your colors are cool! It seems nice and roomy too :) If you get winters in your area, you can tack feedsacks on the insides of the walls to prevent icy drafts.
  7. paridisefarm2009
    Finally done , Thank you for no rain today . : )
  8. paridisefarm2009
    Really I am trying to work on this But every single day it has rained ,,,,,,, Give me a break UGHHHH
  9. ESherrill43
  10. shirley jones
    good job, we built a dog house out of pallets...turned out great
  11. cowboyup27030
    Great Job On The Coop!!
  12. paridisefarm2009
    This week I will post more photos its been raining so much hear in florida so I Have to do things in between the rain and days off , But I will post more , I also got some free paint today Ohh Cant wait to get it painted it will look so much better when it is painted ..So keep looking :)
  13. ImportTheBest
    Wow, that's looking great!
  14. joan1708
    That's a cute pallet coop!
  15. RookieBrazil
    Im planing on building one myself. Please send more pics when possible. I cant wait to see how the pallets turn out...
  16. paridisefarm2009
    I will use a tin roof and Will slope it slightly ,
  17. Shenanigans1
    So what type roof will you put on it or make it. flat, sloped or ??
  18. Briguy15
    Great job.
  19. MBagel
    Looks Great!!! I built a coop out of pallets!! they are so handy!
  20. paridisefarm2009

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