Pecker Palace

By kimberly23 · Jul 22, 2012 · Updated Jul 23, 2012 · ·
  1. kimberly23
    I had no plans but had an idea! I made 5 panels 3ft x 4ft and 3 panels 3 ft x 2ft! I screwed them all together to get a 9ft x3ft base. I added to more of the tall panels in the pic. because I wanted it bigger

    I then built the frame for the main box 3ft.x 3ft.
    I made the roof slanted for air but I put a see through top for light instead of a window! I made 2- nesting boxes and cut out the door! I also added a door on the main frame for easy access. put on some corner braces and all done!


    I have 5 Hens and I thought that might be to many but they seem to be very happy and not crowded. I always want more. I wish I had some land in the country! Some day :)

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  1. ChickInDelight
    Wow! That is a simple coop with all the essential parts that just about anyone could build. I have a friend that over-paid to have his coop built that is missing the ventilation and outside nestboxes that your design shows. Nicely done!

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