Pembroke Park Florida Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens AllowedNot mentioned
Roosters AllowedYes
Permit RequiredNo
Coop RestrictionsProximity restrictions and sanitation rules apply. No chickens in mobile home parks
City/Organization Contact name
Additional InformationChapter 4 ANIMALS* __________ *Cross references: Administration, Ch. 2; buildings and building regulations, Ch. 5; code enforcement, Ch. 7; garbage and refuse, Ch. 11; health and sanitation, Ch. 12; law enforcement, Ch. 14; mobile homes, recreational vehicles and parks, Ch. 16; noise, Ch. 17; parks and recreation, Ch. 18; streets, sidewalks and other public places, Ch. 22; zoning, Ch. 28; animals prohibited in McTyre Park, § 18-16. State law references: Cruelty to animals, F.S. Ch. 828; livestock running at large, F.S. § 588.12 et seq.; damage by dogs, F.S. Ch. 767. __________ Sec. 4-1. Running at large; impoundment. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person owning or controlling any dog, horse, cow, goat, hog, livestock, poultry duck, goose, turkey, guinea, peafowl or dove or other fowl or animal except cats to permit such animal or fowl to run at large in the Town. (b) It shall be the duty of the Sheriff\'s Department to deliver to the Humane Society of Broward County any such animal or fowl found running at large. (c) Each person owning or controlling such animal or fowl shall keep such animal or fowl in a substantial pen, coop or enclosure at all times. (Ord. No. 60-9-7, § 1, 11-2-60; Ord. No. 00-11-4, § 1, 11-8-00) Sec. 4-2. Notification of impoundment; redemption; appeal. (a) After any animal or fowl is impounded as provided in section 4-1, the Sheriff\'s Department shall, without unnecessary delay, notify the owner, if known. If the owner is unknown, he shall post two (2) notices, one (1) of which shall be posted at the Town Hall, and one (1) in a conspicuous public place. All such notices shall give a description of the fowl or animal and require the owner thereof to appear within the next seven (7) days and redeem the same by paying all costs of impounding and keeping such animal or fowl. (b) If the owner of any such fowl or animal shall desire to contest the justice of such impounding or the amount of fees or charges, he may at any time within seven (7) days allowed for redeeming such fowl or animal appear before the Town Commission. (Ord. No. 60-9-7, § 2, 11-2-60) Sec. 4-3. Sale of unredeemed animals and fowl; disposition of funds. In case the owner of any animal or fowl impounded, who shall be notified as provided in section 4-2, shall fail to redeem the same within the time allowed, the Sheriff\'s Department shall sell such animal or fowl at public auction after having advertised the same by posting for five (5) days, or in a newspaper of general circulation in the Town for one (1) issue at least five (5) days previous to the date of the sale. After the sale of such animal or fowl, the Sheriff\'s Department shall pay into the Town treasury the proceeds of the sale after paying the feeding and advertising expense. (Ord. No. 60-9-7, § 3, 11-2-60) Sec. 4-4. Showing proof of ownership after sale; payment to owner. If the owner of any impounded animal or fowl shall give satisfactory proof of ownership within three (3) months after such sale, the net proceeds of such sale, after paying all fees and expenses, shall be paid to the owner, otherwise it shall belong to the Town. (Ord. No. 60-9-7, § 4, 11-2-60) Sec. 4-5. Mistreatment, cruelty. Whoever overloads, overdrives, tortures, torments or deprives of necessary sustenance, or unnecessarily or cruelly beats or mutilates or kills any domestic animal, or causes or permits any such offenses to be permitted within the corporate limits of the Town shall be punished as provided in section 1-13. (Ord. No. 60-9-7, § 5, 11-2-60) Sec. 4-6. Distance requirement for keeping certain fowl. It shall be unlawful for any person, whether as owner or agent, to keep or cause to be kept within the corporate limits of the Town any rooster or peacock closer than one hundred (100) yards from any inhabited dwelling other than the dwelling of the owner thereof or the person keeping the same. (Ord. No. 60-9-7, § 6, 11-2-60) Cross references: Buildings and building regulations, Ch. 5; zoning, Ch. 28. Sec. 4-7. Sanitation of pens, etc. Whenever the keeping or maintenance of any animal or fowl as enumerated in section 4-1 is permitted upon any lands in the Town under the provisions of section 4-1, the owner, agent, employee, servant or other person having charge of the premises and of such animal or fowl, shall clean the pen, coop, sty or other enclosure where such animal or fowl roost or is kept each fourth day, and shall spray and disinfect such area each fourth day, and shall remove and destroy all refuse, droppings, manure, feathers or other matter cleaned from such pens or enclosures. (Ord. No. 60-9-7, § 7, 11-2-60) Cross references: Buildings and building regulations, Ch. 5; garbage and refuse, Ch. 11; health and sanitation, Ch. 12. Sec. 4-8. Disposal of manure. Animal manure and fowl droppings shall not be left aboveground upon any premises in the Town for longer than four (4) days, and it shall be the duty of any person occupying, owning or having control of the premises where fowls are permitted to be kept, to collect and bury under six (6) inches of dirt or soil, or to remove and carry away, all such manure and droppings each fourth day. (Ord. No. 60-9-7, § 8, 11-2-60) Cross references: Garbage and refuse, Ch. 11; health and sanitation, Ch. 12. Sec. 4-9. Sanitary nuisances. In areas where the keeping or maintaining of animals or fowl is permitted under this chapter, it shall be unlawful to so maintain coops, sties, pens or enclosures where such fowl or livestock are kept in an unsanitary manner, or in such condition that odors from such premises can be detected by persons inhabiting residences or living quarters seventy-five (75) feet distant by air line measurement. Such places so maintained are hereby declared to be sanitary nuisances. (Ord. No. 60-9-7, § 9, 11-2-60) Cross references: Code enforcement, Ch. 7; garbage and refuse, Ch. 11; health and sanitation, Ch. 12. Sec. 28-259. Retail stores; personal service shops. Mobile home parks providing space for forty (40) or more mobile homes and/or recreational vehicles may have retail stores and personal service shops for the care or treatment of the tenants or their clothing subject to the following limitations and requirements: (1) Such uses are wholly conducted within a completely enclosed building; (2) There are no signs or displays visible from any street indicating such uses; (3) Such uses are conducted for the convenience of tenants of the mobile home park and are not normally made available to other persons; and (4) No animals, reptiles, insects or fowl shall be raised or kept in any mobile home park, except domestic pets. (Ord. No. 63-5-1, § 15(c), 5-1-63; Ord. No. 00-4-4, § 4, 4-26-00)
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