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  1. PentaCoop

    This Old Barn look PentaCoop has the following features:

    5 sided pentagonal structure
    7 feet tall approx. to tip of roof. Sides are 37 inches height
    4 foot 2 inch long on each of its 5 sides.
    28 square feet of floor space
    12 feet of roost bar
    1inch x 1inch welded wire floor with removable OSB floor
    3 nest boxs w/ egg door, excluder, hasp, spring clip and metal cover
    1 chicken door w/ rope tie and tie-off cleat , chick porch/exit ramp
    1 exterior people door w/ hasp, spring clip and removable plexi-glass window
    1 seamless metal roof with ventilation cap at the peak
    3 eight inch heavy duty, cushion wheels, 2 fixed 1 castered
    1 rope tie hardware for towing

    I built a clam shell run that gives ~100 sqft of run space including the space underneath the house.




    Five sides certainly adds to difficulty in bringing things together. Here are some additional pictures.


    One of the floor panels removed. Remove all 4 panels for summertime operation.

    Pop door porch & rain guard.
    Roof Construction of 2"x2" pine.

    A shot of the roost bars.
    The 1st house that was 11" taller. I sure like the siding on this model. The actual clearance is 10", a mistake in annotation.

    As you can tell, I live in the city and can't raise chickens today, but have before. My next project is a 10 sided DecaCoop.

    Happy Egging.

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    "Geometry in Action"
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    Love the uniqueness of this coop. It looks like an ambitious project. The article was helpful with all the pictures.
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    This is a nice coop and I like the run. Without detailed measurements or plans I doubt many folks could attempt to build one like it. And maybe even with detailed plans and measurements it would still prove difficult. :gig


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  1. tompich1
    Man that is a sweet coop. More than I am curently capable of.r
  2. PentaCoop
    Thanks for your appreciation.
  3. Roxannemc
    Sorry ! reply went before iwas done.
    Meant you cant have chickens but build coops anyway?!! Dedicated wishful thinking or Or you sell them.'
    Ireally like the run all the way around the coop . Space saving it looks like
    .LIght wood coop is really cute. Well both are nice.
  4. Roxannemc
    cosntraisechickens// You do loveto build coops!nI!!
  5. Stumpy
    Fantastic coop!

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