Pollards Pullet Palace

By Terihdfxr · Apr 10, 2012 · Updated Apr 10, 2012 · ·
  1. Terihdfxr
    My first project with no building skills just a hammer and materials.
    Started out with a base made from pallet's 5'x5'.
    All materials were scraps from varous places, including shingles and vinal siding. Its amazing what people will give you if you ask.
    My co-worker donated the sky lights and old bathroom window. We mounted window sideways and made it open from the out side.
    Frame is 2x2 boards and osb for sides and roof. The house is 5'x5'x4'. Inside painted and calked, and cheap dollar store vinal on the floor.
    Nesting boxis just inside door and its 12x12 has two compartments. The run was made from old dog kennel.
    Total cost of purchased materials including chickens $125.00




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  1. mrs_organized_chaos
    "It is all in the details"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 11, 2018
    Would love to see how you decided on this design and more pictures of the interior in use by your pullets. You did a great job and your article is a place to show it off.
  2. ronott1
    "Cute coop!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 4, 2018
    A bit more detail on the build with plans would make it a better coop page.


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  1. Terihdfxr
    The sky lights give them some light at night, especially on a full moon, they seem to like it.
    I have already done some landscaping there, Ill post some more pics.
  2. judyki2004
    Love it! I bet your chicks will grow to be a very happy flock! The coop Is like a "doll house" , I envision some "landscaping" of flower plants & a decorative little "picket fence" around the little house and your done!
  3. Stumpy
    I keep hoping I'm going to come across a skylight like that one day! Great thing to have on a coop.
  4. marlo1968
    love the skylight, looks like a solid little coop

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