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Pollo Palazzo

By WayneT · Jun 12, 2012 · ·
  1. WayneT
    Pollo Palazzo means Chicken Palace in Italian which this coop turned out to be. Finished except for the landscaping this went way over budget and probably better than any other coop in the surrounding area but the girls love it. I got the design from My Pet Chicken under their chicken coop plans. It's the Daisy Coop and was very well documented and relatively easy to build. I built it with the idea that it would add value and not detract form the house and the neighbors wouldn't complain. We live in a fairly rural setting but I am inside the city limits and we have a little over a half acre of land that backs into a wooded area which I hope to fence in in the near future so the girls can free roam in the back yard. I'm retired and really enjoyed the time spent on this project. Right now we are in the process of fencing in our garden area to make it secure from deer and rabbits but also it will become a duck pen and coop area later this year.

    Here's some pictures:

    This is the front of the coop with the hatch door so I can easily change water and food without going into the run area. You can't see it from this angle but there are 2 windows in the front of the coop under the run.


    The back of the coop showing the large doors that allow me to get in and clean very easily. This view also shows a closer view of one of the nest boxes. Three nests on each side of the coop.


    Following is the back of the coop with the doors open. You can see the roosts and the closed nest boxes that will be reopened when the girls decide they want to start laying.

    Here is a close up of the roost/poop catcher. Both of these are removable and filled with Sweet PDZ for easy clean up. You can see the windows from the inside.

    Here are the girls with their first day in their run and having a blast playing chicken in the grass, chasing bugs and scratching around and doing other chicken things.

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  1. WayneT
    Kaugomu, I put a little more into it than the plans calld for other than the run. I added sheet fiberglass on the floor and walls to help me keep it clean and it has worked out perfectly with that in place. I also sheeted the interior walls to keep corners from caking up. All in all I think I spent about $900 on the coop itself but I didn't use any old materials. Look around for old 2x4 being thrown away and some times you can find left over shingles at a construction site that they will let you have,
  2. Kaugomu
    I've looked at this set of plans on a few sites and have seen the "cost to build" listed at around $700. I know this will very slightly based on region etc. but I was wondering if you could give me an estimate on how much you think you spent on this for just the coop, not the attached run. Thanks! Love how it turned out.
  3. WhisperingWinds
    Love the roost poop catcher!!! awesome idea!!
  4. WayneT
    Sweet PDZ is a horse stall freshner. Something like cat litter but finer and it keeps down amonia in the coop. Just scoop it out like cat litter.
  5. weluvchickens
    what is sweet PDZ?
  6. WayneT
    I purchased the plans fron Backyard Chickens. Its the dDaisy plan.
  7. rambunctious
    Great job! Do you have any plans you could share? I'd love to duplicate this!
  8. judyki2004
    Very nice!
  9. Roxannemc
    Sand in the under roost pan is a great idea! Nice.
  10. Stumpy
  11. joan1708
    Looks good!
  12. Whittni

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