Pugbug's Coop

By PugBug · Jul 2, 2013 · ·
  1. PugBug
    My beautiful pens/runs my DH built for me




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  1. MorgansManor
    Awesome pens! Jealous very jealous
  2. miquwid
    amazing concept and well executed
  3. Defjam
    That's a chicken FARM! LOL! Man I wish we had the room for that many birds. Nice setup!
  4. Stumpy
    That is absolutely dreamy!!!!
  5. TwoCrows
    Wow! Does your DH hire out?? LOL Love it!
  6. PugBug
    The whole perimeter is construction grade chain link, except for the front & doors. That is 1in chicken wire. We also then put chicken wire over the chain link the make sure no small chicks could get out. The back part has a tin roof, then chicken wire over the rest of the top. So far, thankfully we've had no problem with predators. It also helps that I have 7 dogs who patrol.
  7. joan1708
    Very nice. I like your chicken art. Do you lock the coops at night. Any problems with predators coming through the chicken wire?
  8. CarolinaHens
    What an amazing and well thought out project. Your DH does very nice work. The flower boxes are a great addition.
  9. chicksbunsdog
    Wow! Fantastic!

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