Red Neck Coop
because it's part of the Trailer house.
The porch is on the front of the Moble Home. There were just 4 x 4
underneath it. So I decided to box it in and in one corner have a 5'
6' coop. My carpenter skills are very limited, so keeping it simple. I
learned a lot from BYC on whats needed. For example, the easy
nesting box, lighting, easy to clean flooring, etc. I have 4 laying hens
(RIR's ) due to start laying late August. They are not locked up and
free range in our yard. If I have a snake problem then I will start
locking them up and securing the bottom of the siding better. All I
bought was 2 sheets of siding for the outside walls and 1 sheet of
plywood for the inside walls and flooring. The rest of the framing was scrap 2 x 4's.


Materials: 1/2" Electrical PVC, approx 70 TEE and 20 ELBOW
connections, Tin roof, 2' chicken wire, and a cardboard box wrapped
in plastic for the coop. It's strapped down on each end by tent stakes.
I attached the tin roof by drilling holes and using wire to tie to the
frame. The card board box has no bottom in it so all chicken dropping
fall the the ground. The up stairs floor is chicken wire with a few
bamboo for support. It has withstood some major Oklahoma windy
thunderstorms with winds over 40 mph. The stair way is just a
Walmart Shelf. I tied a draw string to the stairs to raise it up when
I'm moving the cage. This is very lite and easy for one person to
move. I usually move it just over enough to get new grass. Of couse
if you try to move it a long ways it could get akward. The ground
must be fairly level for a tight fit to the ground. It was built in
parts. The upstairs is a sperate piece and just wired on the the
bottom piece. I'm not sure exactly but have maybe $65 in materials.
I had to cut out extra piece of chicken wire to make the ends
attach to the cross piece frame.