Hi I am Maggie and I live on 2 acres in the western Red Cedar forest of WA state near the base of Mt. Rainier -
I live with my hubby - 2 dogs - 2 cats and a budgie that belonged to my late mother.....I am a dog groomer and Agility
instructor @ a working sheep farm - my dogs compete in agility - herding - and flyball........my life is NOT dull!

I have decided to become a chicken farmer and keep 6-8 laying hens - - my brother and I built a coop over the
holidays - - I still have some fine tuning to do - - painting - staining - backfilling etc. Added a second set of nest boxes on top of the
original 4 as I had not realized the Deep Litter Method will cover up the openings to the ones built on the floor -
- also need to cover the 'poop board' with linoleum tiles -

Am looking forward to getting
chicks - am interested in keeping friendly brown egg layers most likely Welsummers, Wyandottes and possibly a few others.
Here is the progress of the 'Red Door Roost' - - it is now ready for the chicks!

(Pics of my chicks on 'the Kitchen Crew' page)